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Tornillería DEBA

Cold Forming
our core competence

Cold forming is in our DNA

About us

Specialist products and
standard stamping fastening parts

We develop specialist and standard parts
and fastening components for all sectors.

Our products & means
manufacturers of fixing parts in cold stamping for industry

Made-to-measure development,
added value and innovation

We design and manufacture
parts to cater for specific needs.

Development and innovation capacity
Real, feasible alternative

A firm commitment
to quality

Quality is an indispensable factor in our commitment
to offer high added value to all our products.

Quality is our touchstone

Tornillería DEBA Fasteners, a company which designs and manufactures specialist, complex technical parts using cold stamping.

The advantages of Cold Forming

Manufacturers and suppliers of cold stamping parts

Minimum scrap waste

Finished parts made using material deformation.

DEBA estampación en frio

High productivity

Productivity up to 15 times higher than usual manufacturing processes.

DEBA estampación en frio

Improved mechanical properties

Fibre orientation achieves mechanical resistance up to 20% higher.

Manufacturers and suppliers of cold stamping parts

Excellent dimensional stability

A high degree of reproducibility in the measures achieved.

Manufacturers and suppliers of cold stamping parts

Good surface quality

Prime material and moulds adapted for the shapes required.

DEBA estampación en frio

Real, feasible alternative

Other manufacturing processes such as hot forging, smelting, sintering, machining, stamping, plastics and reinforced composites.

Manufacturers and suppliers of cold stamping parts

What is Cold Forming?

Also known as cold forming, cold heading, cold forging or progressive forming, it is a highly productive manufacturing process based on the plastic yield of metal caused by applying pressure at ambient temperature. It can also be defined as forging without heat.
Depending on the complexity of the part, shaping takes part in different phases known as stages, and our company’s know-how centres around the design of those stages. Possible technical limitations mean that some additional processes of machining or shaping may be necessary, but those are minor, secondary operations.

We base ourselves on four axes

Tornilleria DEBA
Safety and the environment
Real, feasible alternative
Adding value
Tornilleria DEBA
Stability over time and balanced growth
Real, feasible alternative
Adapting for the customer


We are always interested in new products. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please call us on (+34) 943 762 940 or send us an e-mail.


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