The history and development of Tornillería DEBA Fasteners based on Cold Forming


High added value technical and specific developments
Using braking products

In 2014 we began to transform our business model, a process which is on-going, and whose objective is to orient ourselves towards high added value customers. The objective is for Tornillería DEBA Fasteners to take a real leap forward, becoming a development company for designing solutions based on each customer’s

Modernizing our facilities
Using braking products

In 2007, as a consequence of our business growth, we moved to a 8,800 m² factory, which enables us to adapt our installations to cope with the market’s increasingly high requisites, increasing our flexibility and production capacity, while also improving our personnel’s work conditions. We do all of this respecting

Birth and development of the current company
Tornillería DEBA Fasteners

In 1993 we became an employee-owned company, a transformation which was not uncommon at the time. Since then, Tornillería DEBA Fasteners has worked as traditional company in the nuts and bolts sector, developing steadily.

Foundation and growth

Set up in 1920, we began by developing and manufacturing technical cold stamping fastening parts. During the ’80s we redirected our company strategy towards the design and manufacture of specialist parts for the car sector and industry in general, adjusting our teams and installing new machinery.