Tornillería DEBA Fasteners is a participative company, founded by its own workers and, as such, it depends on the people in company itself.

We are a team committed to responsible participation and orientated towards the customer. We continually seek commitment with our social, natural and industrial surroundings.

We are an organisation which works to achieve financial results which are sustainable over time, which benefit the workers themselves and which provide stability and balanced growth in our surroundings.


Tornillería DEBA Fasteners aims to be a point of reference in the specialised industrial world of cold stamping, the people in our organisation providing competitive, quality, integrated solutions based on experience, innovation and taking on commitments, cooperating and developing our own organisation. Respecting our natural and social surroundings at all times.


Responsible participation: our collective and individual involvement; sharing points of view, concerns and solutions; adapting to changes in our surroundings; using defined management and governance tools; seeking profitability and continuity for the company.

Cohesion: a feeling of belonging to the organisation, sharing interests and objectives.

Cooperation: Using alliances as an essential instrument for creating added value for our customers and our surroundings.

Loyalty: fulfilling our commitments towards our organisation, customers and collaborating companies even in adverse circumstances, maintaining high levels of commitment.

Innovation: encouraging change, however insignificant it may seem, as long as it adds value to the organisation, customer and/or our surroundings.

The whole organisation’s commitment, and particularly that of management, to quality, safety, the environment and current legislation.