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Tornillería DEBA Fasteners, a cold forming company

Tornillería DEBA Fasteners, a company which designs and manufactures specialist, complex technical parts using cold forming.

Tornillería DEBA Fasteners

Natural development has taken us from being manufacturers of standard parts (fastening components) to being specialists in cold stamping with parameters above the average, orientated towards highly demanding markets such as the car sector, civil and naval engineering, and the energy sector.

Tornillería DEBA Fasteners, a company with almost a hundred years of history which is undergoing a process of change in order to face the future.

Almost 100 years of experience in cold stamping demonstrate our technical and management experience, overcoming diverse difficulties, investing and adapting to changes in the market and in our surroundings, and reaching the present day.

At our beginnings, and as our name suggests, we manufactured bolts under the CEVENTOR (CVT) brand, which still appears on some of our products, but at present we make components for multiple purposes, not just for fastening. What all our products have in common is our manufacturing technology: cold stamping, also known as cold forming, cold heading, cold forging and progressive forging.

Our organization and personnel are continually seeking operative excellence, offering an optimum balance between precision, quality, service, flexibility and competitiveness. We always respect the cultural, environmental, legal and social environment we are dealing with.

estampacion en frio
estampacion en frio
fasteners means


Founded in 1920, we began by developing and manufacturing technical cold stamping fastening parts. We began to redesign our strategy in the ’80s…

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Mission, Vision and Values

Creating financial results sustainable over time, which benefit the workers themselves and provide stability and balanced growth within their surroundings.

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Fabricantes y proveedores de piezas de estampación en frio


Our 8,800 m2 factory was opened in 2007, and has enabled us to adapt our installations to the markets increasingly high expectations, increase our flexibility…

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